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De Marzo Lab


a picture of Dr. Angelo De Marzo Our laboratory is focused on developing new insights into the molecular pathobiology of prostate cancer. For example, we are interested in determining the cell type of origin and the molecular mechanisms involved in neoplastic transformation in the prostate. We also perform translational research in which we interrogate biomarker expression in human prostate tissues, where such biomarkers might aid the pathologist in making a diagnosis on challenging biopsy cases, help to predict outcome, help determine whether a given pathway alteration is present, or help to determine whether a drug has hit its target.

We are also involved in tissue banking, as well as, in tissue microarray technology and tissue microarray software and database design, and image analysis of tissue microarrays. Our laboratory works very closely with the physically adjacent labs of William G. Nelson MD PhD, Srinivasan Yegnasubramanian MD PhD and Karen Sfanos PhD in a number of related research areas. We also collaborate extensively with Alan K. Meeker PhD, and Elizabeth Platz ScD PSD, from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and a range of other investigators, both within and outside of Johns Hopkins.

Curriculum Vitae (De Marzo) PDF File